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How Contactless Dining Works

Post pandemic, customers will expect absolute safety in terms of hygiene & distancing. Our solution will enable your restaurant to offer a contactless menu, orders & payment to your customers.

Contactless Menu
A Contactless Menu, a complete digital menu of your restaurant available to the customers via a QR code placed on each table/counter.
Contactless Order
A Contactless Order, customers place an order by choosing a dish of their choice directly from the digital menu.
Contactless Payment
A Contactless Pay, customers pay through a UPI, wallets of their choice.

Product Features

Various optional features are also available to enhance the contactless dining experience & post visit customer engagement.

Customer Loyalty & Rewards

Offer rewards & loyalty points to your customers on the go.

Marketing Campaings

Drive marketing campaigns based on deep insights of your customer preferences.

Feedback Management

Drive a high level of customer satisfaction with a feedback management system.

Analytics & Reporting

View important customer metrics like previous transactions, preferences & interests etc.

Take Orders from Social Media Channels

Why to pay commission!! when you can take orders from Facebook & Instagram.

Grow In The New COVID-19 World

Now you can benefit from order and pay technology that will be used by most of the restaurants. Our contactless dining & customer engagement platform is especially designed to help you get started in this new normal.

30 Minute Setup

Deployment in a flash to keep you running at all times with no downtime

Simple POS Integration

Hassle-free integration with your POS vendor.

24x7 Customer Support

24*7*365 support to help you navigate through any distress.

0% Commission On Orders

No commission on your orders whatsoever.

No Hidden Charges

100% guarantee of no hidden charges.

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